Your Frozen Fish & Seafood Source in Budapest

Fjordin is a leading supplier of frozen seafood products in Hungary. Our company was founded in 1995 as a Norwegian-Hungarian joint venture company. We are distributing frozen fish and seafood mostly to our professional partners such as restaurants, cafés, hotels and wholesalers. Embassies, multinational companies and a lot of private individuals settled in Hungary prefer to buy directly from the importer.

We offer a broad assortment, high and persistent quality, competitive prices and professional service. Within our wide and constantly renewed range of goods you can find beside seafood also game, lamb, beef, veal, various frozen vegatable and potatoe products.

Since 1995 we bring responsibly produced seafood products to the Hungarian market, supplied by companies who respect our planet and the people living on this planet.

Our imported products are extensively checked in the country of origine and all of our suppliers are EU approved. We are committed to trustful quality which we can always guarantee. Fjordin works with the food safety management system ISO 22000:2018, and our certificate is audited every year. We deliver fast and accurately thanks to our refrigerator vans in accordance with HACCP regulations and our reliable colleagues.

We ensure continuous supply from our centrally located cold store in Budapest, and we believe our partners will have a long-term and mutually efficient cooperation with us.

To see our current range of procudts and our special offers please visit our webshop.

Buy Directly from the Importer

Fjordin imports frozen fish and seafood from sources all over the world. We carefully select products of only the finest quality, paying special attention to sustainability.

We are glad to serve our private customers with the below conditions:
– choose goods from our product list
– order at least 1 working day before preferably on email (alternatively by phone)
– collect goods in opening hours from our well located cold store, where parking is free
– due to the pandemic it’s possible to order goods delivered directly to your house in Budapest. The delivery fee is HUF 3.990 below HUF 40.000 invoice value, and is free over 40.000 Ft.
We kindly ask English speaking customers to make an order in our webshop or make inquiries by e-mail if possible.

Fish and filletS

Looking for whole round fish, loins, fillets or battered products from top quality?
In the Fjordin range you’ll definitely find an appropriate product.
Here you will find both freshwater and seawater species. Most species are fishery species, but we also offer aquaculture products. And off course there is a range of sustainable certified products.

Shellfish and crustaceans

Fjordin offers a wide range of frozen crustaceans.
Off course there’s a key role for the popular
aquaculture species like Black Tiger or Vannamei shrimps.
But you’ll also find seacatch shrimps, lobster, langoustines and crab.
Many species, but also many product variations.
From head on to shrimp tails, raw or cooked products.

Molluscs and cephalopods

We offer a complete package of cephalopod products. This includes basic products like whole squid, octopus, cuttlefish big size or baby, squid tubes, but also products with a higher convenience level like battered squid rings or cooked octopus cubes.
Black mussels, blue mussels, musselmeat, scallops, clams, greenshell mussels, razor clam, empty scallop shells.

Examples of Our Products

We serve delicious, affordable seafood for attractive prices.
Consumer prices per kilo or package including VAT.

Big, white fillets with a mild flavour and a dense, flaky, white flesh from the North Atlantic. 450-900 and 900+ g sizes. Price is for the smaller.
The zander is one of the most valuable food fish native to Europe. It is esteemed for its light, firm but tender meat with few bones and a delicate flavour. Different sizes, price for the 300/500g.
ATLANTIC SALMON FILLETSHUF 6990/kg - daily price!
Norwegian frozen D-trim fillets, with skin, boneless, vakuumpacked, 1,8-2,5 kg/pc
This tasty white fish is farmed in sustainable systems.
Peeled, cleaned and deveined raw whiteleg shrimp tails. Size 21/25 pcs/LB
De Luxe mix with shrimps, mussel and clam meat, squid ring and tentacles, surimi
Fresh frozen Connemara blue mussels in brine, shell on, 60/80 pcs/kg

Other Products

Within our wide and constantly renewed range of goods you can find Hungarian game, lamb from New-Zealand, beef from South-America, Dutch veal, frozen bakery products, various frozen vegatable and potatoe products in superior quality.